Data Coach is a web based data collection site for baseball and softball players designed to help with individual based goals, as well as long term college goals. Our purpose is to give players and coaches accurate and reliable data in order to help each player be successful. Unlike many recruiting sites, Data coach was built with the college coach in mind. We went directly to college coaches seeking input on what they desire in a web based resource. Data Coach is the result of those findings. Data Coach measures the 5 tools most pro and college coaches look for and rank in each player. Players can see rankings based on individual tools, as well as give each player the ability to see their strengths and weaknesses within grade level, age, or state.

Although Data Coach was designed as a resource for college coaches and Pro Scouts, Data Coach WILL NOT replace recruiting! However, this Database gives college coaches the ability to recruit using these tools and find players they may not know about or otherwise have been in contact with. Players have the ability to create a profile and upload summer and high school schedules in order for college and Pro Scouts to easily view upcoming games and pitching times. Each player profile includes a bar graph of player rankings within their own age group, a pie chart detailing the player’s strengths and weaknesses, and a blast baseball hitting score illustrating the strengths and weaknesses of each player’s swing.

Data Coach can also be used for travel ball players to monitor their ability against other players their own age, as well as monitor their yearly progress. Data Coach provides coaches the ability to track and monitor players over a period of time. Furthermore, parents have the ability to monitor their child’s progress and see where more development may be needed.

College coaches and Travel Ball coaches have the ability to create Libraries of potential players to monitor, track, and view the player’s schedule. Data Coach also works in partnership with a college resource service to give you the most up-to-date information on college tuition, grade requirements, and sliding scales for ACT and SAT. DON’T miss your opportunity to see where you stack up against the best while identifying your strengths and weaknesses so you can better your game and college readiness!



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