*Data Coach* Membership

Our goal is to evaluate our student athletes at a young age, thus continuing to re-evaluate them until they graduate from High School.  Our assessments and scoring metrics will help aid our student athletes to work harder by pin pointing their areas of needed development.  It will also highlight strengths that our Coaches want to see.

A Data Coach Membership consists of:

  • We eliminate the temptations student athletes may have to “Fudge” certain measurements like, height, speed, etc.  Our Data is True Data.  We eliminate any doubt that coaches may have while viewing our student athletes.
  • Our membership is for the life of the student athlete’s career. However, we strongly suggest that our members continue to get evaluated Annually and Bi-annually as they grow and develop their skills.  It is a “MUST” that student athletes keep their profile up to date!
  • Annual Fee. We do not charge an annual fee to keep your profile page active.
  • Profile Page. We collect the athletic data and post it.  However, it is up to the student athlete to keep all personal information up to date.
  • Evaluation Fee. A fee will be charged for every evaluation.  We charge the same prices for New Evaluations and for Re-Evaluations.
  • Evaluation Fee. Our fee scale is located under “Registration” on the home page.
  • Unlimited Evaluations. We encourage student athletes to get evaluated as much as they see fit.
  • Package upgrades: opportunity for re-evaluation with detailed video. (See Registration Packages)
  • Add Ons: If a student athlete does not need video for all 5 components of our Data Score, then we offer individual video “Add Ons”.  To see these options, you must first register for the Basic Package listed under Registration on the home page.
  • Quick Scores: Currently Under Construction: The concept of Quick Scores is to allow student athletes to showcase certain skill sets at the camp or tournament we are attending. These evaluations can be done quickly in between tournament games.

NOTE:  Quick Scores does not give players access to a PROFILE PAGE.  It only lists players and skill set measurements.  These measurements will be listed seperatly on our web page.


*Data Coach*  Refund Policy

If a player cancels outside of the 14 day window of their registered event all monies are refundable other than the $30 commitment fee. If a player cancels within the 14 day window of their registered event, they must provide a Doctors Note or a “reasonable excuse” for all monies to be refunded other than the $30 commitment fee.

For all cancellations, monies can also be redirected for a future event.  In this case, we ask that the player/parents alert us about the cancelation outside of the 14 day window for any scheduled event.

*Data Coach* Rain/Cancellation Policy

All participants must and should understand that from time to time that due to weather and/or other issues out of the control of Data Coach, that events may be unable to be completed from start to finish. When these unpredictable events occur, Individuals will not lose their registration fee, rather the following policies will apply:

  • If the event is postponed, the individual can request that the entry be moved to the new date or they can request a credit towards a future event.
  • If the event is cancelled prior to the start of the event, all participants will receive a full credit towards a future event.
  • If the event is cancelled or postponed prior to the completion of our event, it will be up to each participant to decide if they would like Data Coach to list the metrics that were captured and placed on our website. This could result in an incomplete Data Coach Score.  Or, we will offer the chance to attend a future event to capture the remaining metrics.  Obviously, we will not charge any additional fees for completing the “make up” evaluation.  All Monies paid originally, will be credited toward the completion of the evaluation for the 5 factors that determine the Data Coach Score.


If the event is cancelled or postponed due to the event not reaching the minimum amount of participants:

  • You have the option of applying payments to another Data Coach event.
  • You may have your money refunded in full within 60-90 days.